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Rental cars in Montenegro. Often asked questions. 


1. What is the situation with food, water filling, the preservation of valuables, the local population, and the police? 

  • In Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and other Balkan countries there are a lot of grocery stores where you can buy products. In Montenegro, starting from autumn 2019, new rules for the operation of grocery stores have been introduced. 

  • Namely, on Sunday all shops are closed, and if you arrive in Montenegro on Sunday, we advise you to take care of yourself in advance and take a minimum set of food with you or go to eat in a cafe or restaurant upon arrival, and you can also buy a minimum set of food items in gas stations.

  • Cash currency – Croatia (kuna/euros), Bosnia and Herzegovina (mark), Montenegro (euro), Albania (leka), Serbia (dinar).
  • Almost all gas stations have the opportunity to replenish water it is free. Used water is usually drained by the side of the road, and the toilet cassette can be emptied in the toilet at gas stations.

  • The police rarely stop cars for no reason, and if they did, then be polite and reciprocate.
  • Remember to always drive with your headlights on.

2. What are the conditions for driving a car?

 Your driving experience must be at least 2 years. If you have a driving experience of less than 2 years, then you must inform us about this in advance and then the security deposit may be increased.

3. Can I rent a car with child seats? 

If you want to rent a caravan with a child seat, you need to inform the age and weight of the child in advance. Option paid separately.

4. What must be done to reserve a car?

You need to tell us the model car, agree on the rental date, place and time of transfer and send to our bank account 10% of the rental amount (minimum 20 euro). We will send you instructions for transferring the advance payment after agreeing on the date, place and time of the meeting.

In case of cancellation of the rental 1 months before arrival, the advance is fully refundable.
In case of cancellation of the rental 0.5 months before arrival, the advance payment is refunded 50%.
In case of cancellation of the rental 7 days before arrival, the advance payment is not refundable.
If you need to change the rental period, then you need to agree with us in advance on new rental dates.

5. Do I have to give you a deposit when I get a motorhome? 

Yes, upon receipt of the car, a security deposit of EUR 100 is required. The deposit is refunded when the car is returned, if there is no new damage to the car and the interior, all equipment is in place and the fuel tank is full.

6. Will I be able to travel to other European countries with my rental car? 

Yes, you can travel to other European countries, but you must provide us with your passport details and driver’s license, and the deposit will be 200 euros instead of 100 euros. We need to prepare documents for you to cross the border in advance.

7. What to do in the event of a technical malfunction or in an accident? 

If you have problem situations, be sure to contact us. In the event of an accident, it is necessary to report the incident to the police, take the necessary documents and contact details from the second participant in the accident, and also record the damage in the police report. Copies of all documents must be retained. If you are to blame for the incident and the damage is not significant, it makes sense to settle everything on the spot. 

8. Is cars insured? All our cars have insurance “International Auto Insurance Card” (Green Card). It allows you to freely travel throughout Europe. This insurance provides for the removal of liability to third parties that is, the insurance covers the cost of repairing another car that you damaged. But does not remove your obligation to compensate for the restoration of a rented cars.

Due to the fact that the motorhome has large external dimensions and in order to avoid damage to the motorhome, it is strictly forbidden to move along the old roads. If you want to go to a certain place and there the path goes along the old road, you must agree with us on the route, otherwise all responsibility for damage to the motorhome rests entirely on your responsibility. Coordinate the route with us. We can recommend you a good road and beautiful places to stay.

9. Is it possible to purchase extended accident insurance? If you want to remove the additional costs and risks of restoring a rented cars, you need to purchase extended insurance.

Depending on the model of the car, for an additional fee, it is possible to expand the conditions of your liability the size of the deposit paid. Those. in case of an accident, you will not pay the full amount of damage, but only within the limits of the deposit. Please inform us in advance of your desire for us to prepare the relevant documents. The approximate cost of extended insurance for up to 15 days costs 70 euros.

10. Is it possible to return the car to another point where it was rented? You can return a carin another city or even a country. To do this, at the booking stage, it is necessary to coordinate with us all the details of the return. Possible additional payment of this feature.

11. What are the conditions for returning a car? It is necessary to return the caravan on the following conditions:

  • clean and empty toilet (toilet cassette must be empty).
  • with a full tank of diesel fuel (because we give you a cars with a full tank of diesel fuel).
  • return the caravan to the place where you take it.

  • Check out time is 8:30 (9:00) am. (You need to return the car before 8:30 (9:00) am. on the last day of the rental). If you need to change the place and time of the caravan transfer, please let us know so that we can calculate the costs and inform you about the additional costs.

  • If the car is returned in dirty form, then a fee of 20 euros will be charged for cleaning.

12. What should I do if I do not have time to return the car by the deadline? If the return is delayed more than 1 hour after 9 am, then you need to pay 30% of the daily rate. If you are late for more than 2 hours after 9 am – pay the full daily rate. Remember that other guests may rent a car that day and we need to have time to prepare it for the next rental.

13. Cars rental conditions. Pick up after 12am and drop off before 9am. If you want to change the time, inform in advance. We set this time with the expectation that the next rental is possible on the day you return the caravan. The minimum rental period is 1 day.

14. Are there any specifics of mountain road trips? Yes, during a long descent from the mountain, in order to avoid overheating of the brakes, the driver needs to slow down with a reduced transmission of a mechanical transmission (gearbox). This is the usual practice of driving a car during a long descent from the mountain and you need to remember this!

15. Border crossing. We warn you that if you plan to cross the border on cars , then it is strictly forbidden for you to transport prohibited goods, especially if you plan to visit Albania, as in this direction there is an enhanced inspection of vehicles using specially trained dogs. Therefore, we ask you to comply with the law and do not try to transport prohibited items.

To avoid trouble at the border, take care of your documents in advance and get permission from us to travel to other countries.

We do not have motorhome mileage restrictions.

If you have other questions, write to us by E_mail: budva2010@gmail.com or WhatsApp  +38269414243


Welcome to travel!

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