What you need to know when taking a car in Montenegro


1. Roads are free.

Be attentive and have a pleasant journey!

What you need to know when taking a car

1. Roads are free.

The only place to be charged is through the Sozine tunnel to Bar. But you can go around it on a free site.

2. Finding and paying for parking is quite simple.

There are both paid and free parking. Prices for paid parking lots are different everywhere, you need to find out on the spot. Sometimes you can park for the whole day for one euro, and sometimes it only costs two hours.


3. Do not park close to other cars.

The local population has a very consumer attitude to cars: dust particles do not blow off and do not particularly cherish. Your car can be scratched simply by opening the door of its own car in the parking lot. If you are afraid of such situations, it is better to take full insurance from the dealer.


4. Check if the rented car has a green card.

This is an international insurance that allows you to travel outside the country. Distances in Montenegro are small, in a day it is quite possible to get to neighboring Serbia, Albania or Bosnia. But if the car does not have a green card, you cannot leave Montenegro.


5. Download GoogleMaps and Maps.me.

To confidently move around the country, use two cards at once. The first sometimes confuses the routes, but on it you can find almost any place. Maps.me accurately calculates routes, but sometimes, especially in the outback, paves the way along dotted roads. It is difficult to drive on such roads in mountainous areas, so it’s better to go along the main road.


6. Be careful on serpentines.

There are a lot of serpentines and narrow mountain roads in Montenegro, especially in Durmitor, and it is often not easy for two cars to leave each other. Locals drive quite quickly even in dangerous places, they are reckless in bends and generally very fearless. But do not take an example from them: drive slowly and carefully, taking into account unforeseen oncoming drivers.

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