Affordable European Destination Alert: 10 Things To Do In Montenegro


Montenegro is a lovely and affordable European country with a fascinating blend of breathtaking nature, vibrant culture, and extensive history.


  •  Montenegro offers budget-friendly travel with stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and rich history. It's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

  •  Kotor and Budva are must-visit cities with beautiful architecture, beaches, and affordable activities like hiking, sightseeing, and gelato.

  •  Explore attractions like Zabljak parks, Ulcinj beaches, Tivat's Maritime Heritage Museum, Tara Bridge, Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja, Lipa Cave, Njegos Mausoleum, and Lake Skadar for affordable and unforgettable experiences in Montenegro.

There are numerous cheap countries in Europe to visit where it is considerably simpler to travel on a budget. In the Balkans, Montenegro is a lovely country with a fascinating blend of breathtaking natural beauty, magnificently vibrant culture, and extensive history.

Planning a trip to Montenegro is a delight for outdoor enthusiasts, offering everything from the spectacular Adriatic coastline to the towering mountains of Durmitor National Park. 

This affordable European country is also the hub of stunning cities in the area, including Budva, Herceg Novi, and Kotor, which are rich in historical landmarks, including cathedrals, monasteries, and fortifications. Here are a ton of budget-friendly things to do in Montenegro for travelers with tighter purse strings.

10 Visit Kotor And Its Old Town

Kotor is among the best tourist destinations in Montenegro. Every day, cruise ships arrive, and both visitors and residents may be seen wandering the streets. If tourists on a budget enjoy beaches, wildlife, and history, they must visit this affordable European town. The Old Town of Kotor has beautiful architecture, excellent music, and delectable gelato.

Whether tourists want to hike to the well-known church or take a speedboat to the sparkling blue cave, Kotor offers a wide range of excursions and activities. In this city, there will never be a dull moment, even for on-budget tourists.

  • Kotor’s free attractions: Bay of Kotor, Gurdich Gate, Piazza of the Arms, etc. 

9 Take A Road Trip To Budva

Roofs of buildings in the foreground and hills in the background in Budva, Montenegro

Kotor is around a 30-minute drive from Budva, another well-liked tourist location with wonderful beaches and cool ocean water. If travelers are torn between seeing Budva or Kotor, a quick trip to each would be appropriate. Given that they are only a short bus ride away and each offers a variety of comparable yet distinctive features.

Budget visitors will not have to worry about blowing their entire budget because Budva has a lot of low-cost accommodation options. This wonderful town also has a lot of free and affordable things to do.

  • Budva’s free attractions: Statua Ballerina, Altstadt Budva, Budva City Walls, etc.

8 Tour Zabljak Parks

For those who enjoy hiking and seeking excitement, this city is a must-visit and one of the best things to do in Montenegro. In Zabljak, tourists can trek to the highest point in Montenegro, Bobotuv Kuk, which stands at a freezing height of 8274 feet (2522 meters), and conquer it.

There are so many additional breathtaking hikes and vantage places in Zabljak. A short distance from the city center, the Black Lake is really stunning on a beautiful day. Tourists can swim, go on a boat or kayak excursion, or simply enjoy the cooling water. There are several national parks in the region to visit.

  • Entrance fee to the parks: Between €3 and €5 ($3.23 and $5.39) per park

It is recommended that Bobotuv Kuk hikers have some expertise.

7 Relax On The Sandy Beaches In Ulcinj

Old Town, Ulcinj, Montenegro by night

Ulcinj is a different, stunning beach town that can be found on Montenegro's southern coast. Although less well-known than Budva and Kotor, the city has similarly stunning beaches, which is a renowned characteristic of Mediterranean countries.

Ulcinj is the destination to go to if tourists want to experience authentic local culture and a laid-back seaside ambiance on a budget. Ulcinj offers a more genuine and affordable Montenegrin experience because it is less touristic and down to earth than other coastal towns.

  • Best beaches in Ulcinj: Long Beach, MCM Beach, Coral Beach, etc.

6 Explore The Maritime Heritage Museum In Tivat

A submarine at The Maritime Heritage Museum In Tivat

For tourists seeking a contemporary and slightly opulent atmosphere, this seaside town in Montenegro is fantastic.

In Tivat, tourists on a budget may visit a lot of beaches and cultural sites. Anyone interested in learning more about submarines and the history of Southeastern Europe should definitely visit the Maritime Heritage Museum.


Museum entry fee: €5 ($5.39) for both the museum and the submarine, or €2 ($2.15) if visitors simply wish to see the museum. Admission is free for kids.

5 Cross Tara Bridge

A superbly constructed bridge crosses the Tara River. Both the bridge itself and the panorama from it over Tara Canyon are particularly intriguing. Here, tourists really must do either rafting or a zip line since a zip line is the best way to go above Tara.

As for rafting, tourists will have the chance to kayak into the 50.9-mile (82-kilometer) Durmitor Canyon, one of the world's biggest and deepest canyons, which cuts through the lofty mountains of Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is covered in lush pine woods and crystal-clear lakes.

  • Tara zip line cost: €30 ($32.32) per person

  • Tara rafting costs: €20 ($21.55) for renting a kayak, or adventurers can choose a package of €60 ($64.64) per person, including half-day rafting, a 30-min ride to Tara Bridge, transportation from and to Zabljak, and a discount on zip line.

4 Visit Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja

Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja or Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Podgorica, Montenegro

Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja, or the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, was only constructed in the 1990s, but it is amazing. It appears to be hundreds of years old from a distance.

Tourists in Montenegro should be prepared to have their breath stolen away as soon as they walk in. This temple is one of the best things to do in Montenegro. Its interior is unlike anything ever seen before and is pretty lovely. It is a must-see monument. 

Visiting it is also one of the cheapest things to do in Montenegro since it's completely free of charge to enter.

  • Entrance fee to Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja: Free of charge

3 Explore Lipa Cave

Beautiful Lipa Cave in Montenegro

One of Montenegro's major cave monuments is Lipa Cave. Tourists on a budget in Montenegro must go there because of its 1.55-mile (2.5 km) long network of corridors and halls. 

The Montenegrin royal family was among the famous historical personalities who acknowledged and valued Lipa Cave's beauty. Before the time of Njegos, people were aware of Lipa Cave, and even then, cave excursions were planned.

The cave's presence and the profusion of its decorations were described in writing by a number of famous explorers of the 19th century, and explorations of it are still ongoing today. In 2017, the cave tour was extended, allowing tourists to spend more time within the cave viewing new cave galleries.

Since its opening in 2015, Lipa Cave has provided memorable tours led by knowledgeable experts whose helpful and courteous demeanor enhances the whole experience.

  • Entrance fee to Lipa Cave: €12.9 ($13.9) per adult €7.9 ($8.51) per child (5 to 15)

2 Climb To Njegos Mausoleum

The Njegos Mausoleum at the top of the Lovcen Mountain

Loven National Park is characterized by its soaring heights and two separate climate zones, the Mediterranean and Continental. The tomb of the previous king of Montenegro, Petar II Petrovi-Njego, is housed in the park, which is situated on the second-highest peak in the rocky Dinara Alps, 5495.4 feet (1,675 meters) above sea level. A flying granite eagle carrying his bones may be seen within a marble chapel, 461 steps up.

A gleaming gold roof is created above it with 200,000 gilded tiles. The views are stunning yet disorienting from here. Njegos Mausoleum is not only one of the best things to do in this country but also one of the most affordable attractions in Montenegro for tourists on a budget, thanks to its low-cost entry fees.

  • Entrance fee to Loven National Park: €2 ($2.15) per visitor
  • Entrance fee to Njegos Mausoleum: €5 ($5.39) per visitor

1Go To Lake Skadar

Panoramic view of Rijeka Crnojevica River, Skadar Lake

Skadar, which spans Montenegro and Albania and is a genuine Montenegrin gem, creates the biggest freshwater lake in the Balkans. 

With its rolling green Karst mountains, blooming plains, and lily-covered lakeshores, the old summer home of the Montenegrin royal family is a nature wilderness and birder's paradise.

Boat cruises that go through the marshes for one to six hours pass through island monasteries, historic sites, traditional fishing communities, forts, and undiscovered beaches. 

A total of 260 bird species, 50 fish species, and 3 types of resident snakes support this.

  • Entrance fee to Lake Skadar National Park: €5 ($5.39) per visitor

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